This Is The Most Expensive Rolex Submariner Ever Sold

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Renowned British auction house, Christie’s recently held its “A Rolex Afternoon” sale in Geneva, Switzerland — and it sold an extremely rare white gold Rolex Submariner for a whopping $628,572 USD — the most expensive Submariner sold to the public yet.

Listed as one of three known to exist (one with a black dial and two with blue dials,) the timepiece is actually a prototype from the early 1970’s. While it doesn’t bear a serial number, the watch is confirmed to be genuine and produced from Rolex‘s factory, and it has been with the same private collector for more than thirty years.

Bearing a luxe, yet elegant white gold case with a dive bezel with knurling on two opposing sections and an interesting bark finish, the watch’s faded blue dial features yellow gold markers and hands, while the solid white gold bracelet boasts a bark finish as well.

In case you were wondering, the former record-holding Submariner sold to the public was in November 2016 at the Phillips Geneva Watch Auction, (Ref.6528) which was listed for about $568,561 USD.

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